All dogs are spoiled and treated as if they are our own.

Our services include:

  • comb/brush out*
  • bath
  • anal glands
  • ears cleaning
  • blow dry
  • styling to the breeds standards or owners wishes
  • nails cut
  • smelling great
  • all dogs go home with a bandana and/or bow.

*In the case of extreme matting, we will not for any reason put your dog through a difficult comb out. This can cause bruising and unnecessary pain. Ask us about our frequent grooming plan.

If we see fleas we will do a flea treatment.  We strive to have a flea free salon and will take all measures to make sure your pup goes home with out any parasites. A flea treatment will cost extra.

Please call to inquire about our very competitive prices. (705) 726-4744

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